Yeah, it’s summer

My summer holiday just started and, as with much of my life, I’m using it differently than many other people. Some of it has to do with my treacherous body, some with my mindset and interests and some with cicrumstances outside of my control (hello covid-19!).

Sunshine and atopy

To start with my health, unfortunately I have an atopic body that doesn’t like typical summer days. With hay fever (for birch and timothy pollen, so essentially present the whole spring and summer), eczema and photosensitivity, sunny and warm days make me stuffy and itchy and deplete my energy levels. Norway is experiencing a beautiful warm and sunny period at the moment, so here I am, sitting inside, instead of working in the garden, going on a hike or doing other outdoorsy stuff. One hour weeding did lead to a significant increase in symptoms, even with allergy meds, and I may have to concede that it is already too late in the year for that and wait until it starts raining or until autumn starts.

Openings and outbreaks

Norway has recently entered step 3 of its national reopening plan, but we also had the first local covid outbreak since the start of the pandemic and we have been in quarantine for a little while as the school of my youngest was also involved. Luckily, she tested negative twice, but it was a strong reminder that the pandemic is not over yet. We did get our first vaccine shots last week though. But we only planned to travel to Oslo for a short week because the kids need to reneww their passports. So I have a lot of time available for myself.

Personal time again

Now, I don’t really mind sitting inside, as I can do a lot of my hobbies and interests inside. These include faffing with my fountain pens, writing and lettering, and playing games. As I have little on my mind now (I only scan work related channels for news whether I have to help out with an activity during an international digital meeting in my holiday, which I count as hobby-related), I’m starting up my digital weeding and organizing activities again.

Right now I have to start again with learning about building a second brain and using Obsidian for that purpose. I decided to support the developers with a Catalyst payment that will also access to the private beta of the mobile app. I might be writing more later as I learn!

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