The English Garden

  • Gaming, my way
    Long time ago, in the early nineties, when I was a student and just hooked up with my hubby, we bought our first computer. We’re both nerdy types and had done out research into what kind of specs we wanted for our computer, so we went to a local shopRead more
  • Yeah, it’s summer
    My summer holiday just started and, as with much of my life, I’m using it differently than many other people. Some of it has to do with my treacherous body, some with my mindset and interests and some with cicrumstances outside of my control (hello covid-19!). Sunshine and atopy ToRead more
  • It all starts with weeding
    We all know we need to declutter stuff we don’t use anymore. I’m no minimalist at all, but I do like to be able to find things I know I should have. I also don’t want to run into broken stuff that was only moved out of the way toRead more
  • Welcome to my digital garden
    Welcome to my digital garden; a blog that isn’t really a blog. This is my personal notebook where I can write down thoughts and ideas without feeling pressed to write a fully researched and polished blog post that fits in a predefined publication plan. I have many thoughts that I’dRead more