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Long time ago, in the early nineties, when I was a student and just hooked up with my hubby, we bought our first computer. We’re both nerdy types and had done out research into what kind of specs we wanted for our computer, so we went to a local shop with an equally nerdy owner. After a long and infirmative chat we ordered our PC and the owner recommended a few computer games that went well with our setup, King’s Quest VI and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. We got one one them for free and bought the other. Little did we know that this was the start of a lifelong obsession hobby!

Adventures and action galore

The nineties were the glory days of point-and-click adventures and boy, did we play a lot! The nineties also saw the rise of first-person shoot’m-ups but those games never spoke to me. I strongly prefer games that use humor, imagination and creative thinking over violence and gore. I’m getting nostalgic to think that I have experienced a lot of the development timeline of digital gaming, as I also shared an Atari console with my sister in the eigthies.

Remember Donkey Kong and Space Invaders? Those were the days! By my gaming took a back seat when real life knocked at my door, especially when we got kids. But now the youngest is a teenager, I get to play more and, even better, get to share my interests with my kids. My hubby still is a heavy gamer and willing to invest more in games, hardware and accessories.

Simulations and casual gaming

Gaming has become easier than before. In the nineties, the internet was still only accessible through a phone modem connection and pretty much in its infancy. My kids can’t imagine not being able to quickly search for information on the net, but in those days, game books and bulletin boards were often key to successfully finishing many adventure games. Nowadays nobody gets stuck for days on end anymore on a puzzle with a wildly imaginative, multi-step solution. But is it cool to see old classic games being dusted off, updated and released again. Just played Full Throttle again and that was a lot of fun!

But games have evolved and so have I. I played a lot of time management games during the busy years and are mostly playing more relaxed games now that probably fall into the category women games. Simcity introduced me to the world of simulations and its spinoff, the Sims, has to be the games series I have sunken most hours in. But big corps are increasingly milking their games with DLC upon DLC, some of which should be in the base game, which take away a lot of the fun. So, as with my reading, I’m looking more to Indie game developers and smaller studios that genuinely love what they’re creating. And I’m spending more time actually playing the games I already have.

So what is installed at the moment? I have Stardew Valley of course. I just got myself a new PC and haven’t played the 1.5 update, so I ‘m looking forward to start again. With a fishing mod, because my motor skills are too poor for that. Then there is Spiritfarer, a beautiful, atmospheric game that tugs at my heart strings. I just started Cozy Grove, which is a relaxed game that is self-limiting in how much tme you can sink in it per day. I also have Oxygen Not Included, Megaquarium and Parkitect installed for when the buiding itch starts. Other Indie games in my active installs are Before we Leave, Littlewood, and Islanders and Dorfromatik that were developed by video game design students from Berlin. I’m always on the lookout for other interesting titles and actively support the development of Paralives on Patreon. I think it’s just as rewarding to find potential hidden gems as to play them!

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