Welcome to my garden

Hello and welcome to my digital garden! I’m Vitskapsdama, the Science Lady in Norwegian, and this is my personal corner on the web.

A digital garden is a place for personal learning, contemplation, and sharing of personal interests. In contrast, a blog today is often used as a tool to reach an audience and is focused on catching attention while conforming to expectations from that audience. Just so you know it; this is not a blog.

You’re now standing at the entrance to my garden. Or entrances, because this garden has several entrances. For now, these entrances are language-based. So you can choose to start at the English entrance, the Norwegian inngang or the Dutch ingang.

I’m not going to track you or collect any information about you, unless you want to comment. Then I kindly ask you to register a (nick)name and email-address to make it somewhat harder for spambots to ruin this garden. I expect you to be respectful of others when you comment, also when you’re disagreeing, and won’t hesitate to remove comment that I deem hurtful, denigrating or spamming.

The only cookies I’m offering are those necessary to run this site. If you don’t agree with this, this garden is not for you.

I hope you enjoy your visit!